The Independent’s double whammy

This week, I’ve spotted two errors in the Independent, a British newspaper.

Firstly, they spelled Costco wrongly in this story.

I googled to double check. Instead of spelling it as “Costco”, it was written as “Cosco” by the paper.

At first she bought food in bulk, either online or from discount grocery chains such as Cosco and BJ’s. But then she realised she could feed many more people if she used coupons.”

The story is about a woman who is trying to help feed 30,000 hungry people by paying their food with coupons from supermarkets.

Secondly, there wasn’t a period at the end of the sentence for their story about Aung San Suu Kyi’s first General Assembly address. Super minor, but it just really annoyed me.

In Washington last Thursday, Ms Suu Kyi urged businesses to invest in Burma as a way to advance its democratic transition, a day after US President Barack Obama pledged to lift long-standing sanctions on the country

Seeing back-to-back “technical” errors by the Independent this week was rather shocking, because I’d expect them to hold higher standards for themselves, but I guess mistakes do happen.


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