College campuses demand “sanctuary campus” in wake of Trump victory.

(Photo credit: Mel Evans/AP)

This is an interesting piece I found on Twitter that was shared by the American Associate of Professors that pertains to “sanctuary campuses.”

Remezcla reported that 28 colleges have vowed to offer “sanctuary campuses” to their undocumented students. Just like “sanctuary cities,” the similarly coined “sanctuary campuses,” are groups that functions to not cooperate with officials from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. BuzzFeed reported universities could risk losing federal funding if they refuse to cooperate with ICE officials.

What campuses are part of this group? Columbia University, Wesleyan University, Portland State University, Oregon State University, Reed College, and California State University (all 23 campuses).

I don’t know how possible it is for school officials and students to demand for the implementation of “sanctuary campuses” — and potentially risk funding — but I just thought it was interesting and nice to know that despite the risks that comes with this status, some members of the community are still willing to go above and beyond for minority groups. I am anticipating the backlash and reaction of this movement though, because of the demands made.

I also wonder if anything similar to that situation will appear here at the University of Iowa.


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