Some international students at the University of Iowa expressed concerns in the immediate aftermath of business mogul Donald Trump being named the winner of the 2016 presidential election. They began contacting on-campus resources to ask about the effect of the results on their legal immigration status and personal safety, and I had the pleasure to talk to some of to officials about potential effects Trump’s win. Here is the story: The Daily Iowan 


This is one of my favorite pieces for the Daily Iowan. Myself and a few others received an email from the director of the UI International programs about racism that was going on around campus through the social media app Yik Yak. I broke the story to my editor and it was my first taste of “breaking news” as a student journalist. The Daily Iowan was one of the few news outlets that “broke” the news locally. I wrote the article and created and designed the infographic that accompanied the story. Here is the link: The Daily Iowan


Due to my strong inclinations towards social issues, I decided to explore the gender pay gap that existed at the University of Iowa. Although I received mixed opinions from school officials, the general consensus from faculty members was that there was indeed a pay gap, that was caused by several complicated reason, instead of just one reason.

UI male professors were paid $138,105 on average in the 2014-15 school year, while female professors earned $120,348, according to data from the Chronicle of Higher Education. While UI faculty members do claim the existence of a pay gap, some UI officials assert that the incongruities reported in the data should not be taken at face value.

Here is for the full story: Daily Iowan Link



As part of the Daily Iowan special edition that focused solely on drugs, I wrote about how international students at the University of Iowa had different perceptions and views of drugs compared to local students.

Data from the UI 2015 National College Health Assessment report shows international students consistently say they have never taken drugs. According to the data, 91.5 percent of international students have never used marijuana, 97.2 percent have never used cocaine, and 88.3 percent have never used synthetic marijuana.

For domestic students, those numbers are much lower. According to the same study, 54.1 percent of domestic students have reported to have never used marijuana; 90.2 percent have never used cocaine, and 85.4 percent have never used synthetic marijuana.

Here is the full story: Daily Iowan Link