Being Muslim in Trump’s America is frightening, but open discussions are necessary to end Islamophobia.

This was a post-election reflection opinion piece I wrote after business mogul Donald Trump was announced as winner of the 2016 presidential election. As a Muslim, a minority group that has been openly marginalized and alienated by the country’s president-elect,  I empathize with the fear of a Trump presidency. At the end of my article, I urge the public to come together as a community in times of fear. My article was the 29th most read article on the Daily Iowan by the end of Fall 2016. To read the full article: The Daily Iowan


Muslimin: Burqini ban undermines personal freedom

(Photo credits: The Daily Iowan)

This is an opinion piece I wrote after the French Government announced the burqini ban, which has since been overturned. The hijab has long been a hot-button issue in the Western world, with views varying from either end of the spectrum. I identify as a Muslim, and I wear the hijab, so the issue definitely resonated with me enough to write a commentary that was so close to my heart. For the full article at The Daily Iowan