Why am I an editor?

As an editor, I hope to use this blog to criticise and analyze news within print and digital. Editing is no simple task. Before content goes to press, it has to be polished, edited and vetoed several times, so being able to identify and be critical of content is an important skill to have. So, I hope to use this blog to identify the mistakes and be a critical consumer of news.

My goal in creating this blog is to expose readers to the complexity of editorial decisions that go into creating accurate content.  It is also to expose and criticize editorial mistakes as a learning experience. Lastly, I hope to highlight the importance of being editors or just critical news consumers.

As a news junkie, I get my daily scoops from several news outlets such as the New York Times, the Gazette Cedar Rapids, the Slate and the Atlantic to name a few. However, it is vital that I don’t just be a passive consumer, but actively engage in critical thinking by questioning the material that I’m taking in.

I might not stick with these news agencies throughout this semester because I really enjoy reading different kinds of materials. I may at times, choose to especially pay close attention to topics involving education, social issues, data journalism and crime because of my interest in these fields.

Through my blog, you will find factual errors, typos, poor decisions, bad sentence structure and organization, misleading headlines. Most importantly, you will come to realize how important editors are!